Harry Stobart samples the sweets

Birdwoods Sweet Shop

Opened in December 2006 and now a favourite with young and old, Bruce and Louise’s second addition to Middle Road is the Birdwoods Sweet Shop – a traditional sweet shop ‘just like you remember’.  Set next door to the Gallery, the Sweet Shop is a single room colonial cottage built from reclaimed materials.  Step inside and take a step back in time – there’s a vintage cash register that goes ‘ding’, lots of special old tins, baker’s scales, teddy bears, bunting and, of course, rows and rows of sweet jars.
  • More than 40 varieties of old fashioned boiled sweets… bon bons, humbugs, granny mints, acid drops, aniseed balls and lots more…
  • Home-made fudge, fizzy sherbet and Lorraines famous truffles.
  • Nougats, liquorice, chocolate, hokey pokey, novelties and a treasure trove of pick and mix.
  • Scrumptious Rush Munroe ice creams in tubs.
  • Plus lots of sugar free, guilt free sweets as well.

Fill a tin, fill a jar, or just fill your tummy!  Sit in the shade under an umbrella at one of the tables in the front garden to eat your ice cream and then have a quick hopscotch competition or take your photo in the hilarious Carnival Cut-out Frame.

The Birdwoods Sweet Shop is open 7 days a week 10am to 4pm and through to 5pm during the summer school holidays.